Pelorus Area Health Trust

The Pelorus Area Health Trust (PAHT) was formed in November 2007 to promote, protect, and foster Primary Healthcare in the Pelorus Area.
The Pelorus population is disadvantaged by large travel times to any Primary Healthcare facility. This has been recently compounded by reduction to a part-time GP/nurse service at the Havelock Medical Centre. There is a permanent population of approximately 3500 people in the area, nearly half of these live over 30 minutes from Havelock (and over 60 minutes from Blenheim). It is not uncommon for a large part of the community to travel up to 3hrs to the nearest facility.
PAHT wants to identify local primary health needs and then work with individuals, the community, and community organisations to help develop and provide local solutions for the area.
"Local solutions for local problems"
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